Crocs in the classroom- Make your classroom wild!

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'Crocs in the Classroom' is an interactive, multifaceted approach to science education. Hardly anything inspires student interest like seeing and being actively involved with a live animal in their classroom. That interest is magnified 100 fold when that animal is as iconic as a crocodilian. Increased student interest in science and conservation is our goal. 'Crocs in the Classroom' is a great way to create future scientists, educators, and conservationists. Help wildlife and educate children at the same time!

How it works:

1. Contact us to see our available crocodilians.
2. Read our care guide on this page.
3. We place a hatchling crocodilian in your classroom for the school year.
4. You integrate the growth study, feeding, and care into your classroom.
5. Communicate your results here and compare your study to schools around the nation.
6. At the conclusion of the school year your crocodilian is returned to our facility and you can start all over next year!

We highly recommend joining the Junior Crocodile Specialist Group which is an international crocodile conservation organization. They have some great perks and is a fantastic initiative! They can be found by clicking this link!

Croc in the Classroom Care Guide: Click here

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