Welcome to the Houston area's FAVORITE animal birthday show!

You can come to us or we will bring our zoo to you!

2 ways to experience Houston's most popular reptile show!

We come to you or you come to us!

Have your event at our zoological facility or we can bring the zoo to your party location.
The best show, the best animals, YOUR best party ever!

Crocodile Encounter gives you two great options when it comes to a birthday party.

Option number 1: We come to your location. This is our very popular hands on educational wildlife show. Not only will you get up close and personal with the storied Nile crocodile each party consists of 10 animals which are representative of the four major reptile groups. Each child will have an opportunity to touch and interact with a variety of reptiles species safely and securely. The animals are walked throughout the group and guests may gently touch the animal. We do this with virtually all the reptiles at the show! This is one party that is good for all ages from 2 -110. Have a specific animal you would like to see? It never hurts to ask! The birthday child receives a very cool Crocodile Encounter 'Survivor' t-shirt or crocodile souvenir. We perform 300 plus traveling shows annually so if you have your date in mind it never hurts to contact us early.

Offsite Party Price: $250 plus distance as determined by Google Maps. You can determine your exact cost by using Google maps from your address to ours and comparing it to the information below. Please note these are estimates and may be higher or lower once the actual mileage is calculated.

  • 0-20 miles no charge( Angleton, Lake Jackson, Freeport, etc)
  • 21-35 miles +$25 (Pearland, Alvin, Friendswood)
  • 36-50 miles +$50 (Most inside 610 locations)
  • 51-70 miles +$75 ( Spring area, Katy area)
  • 71-100 miles +100( Woodlands, Conroe area)

Option number 2: Have your party here with the big crocs! You come to us! You get to spend your party with our very personable American alligator Sultan and his friends. In addition you go head to head with the most awe inspiring predator on the face of the Earth, the Nile crocodile. You will see all sizes of Nile crocodiles from hatchlings and yearlings all the way to adulthood. The nations' largest group of Nile crocodiles and your party group! We didn't even mention the giant tortoises, lemurs, kangaroos, or our maginificent antelope. An onsite birthday party is an exclusive look into a functioning zoological facility that is reserved just for your group. You get your own private guide, private tour, and use of our giant party pavilion.Touch an alligator, maybe a snake! It is a great way to celebrate with your families animal lover!

No other birthday party experience can compare. Have your party in our massive CHOMP pavilion. You just add cake, gifts, and guests. The clean-up is on us.The birthday child receives a Crocodile Encounter t-shirt or crocodilian souvenir from our gift shop. Onsite birthday party events are available year round depending on weather conditions. Each party receives 40 paid entries for your guests. Each additional guest past the 40 will pay a discounted $7 admission price. Guests under 2 years of age are no charge. All parties are reserved in 2 hr blocks approximately 1:15 of which is your tour time with the animals and the remaining time for your party.

Onsite Party Price is $350
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'It went super!! We were totally impressed. The kids response in one word..Awesome... Thank you very much!

'Chris-I just wanted to let you know that our party was OUTSTANDING!!! The presentation was fantastic! It kept everyone (and i do mean everyone from age 1-63) entertained and engaged! We loved it and are spreading the word!

Thanks for a great memory making birthday for all of us!

Chris – I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for making my boy's 5th birthday party a memorable one. The young gentleman who presented was just charming! His enthusiasm, knowledge, sense of humor, and polite demeanor were certainly appreciated and quite impressive. I'll send referrals your way any time!

The kids really enjoyed it! I thought you did a great job of presenting some factual information about the animals without talking too long and losing their attention. I received lots of compliments from parents. You also made sure the birthday boy felt special. I got some great pics of him with the reptiles. Thanks for helping make my son's 5th birthday a huge success!

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to tell you all Thank you so much for making my son's birthday party a huge success! This was by far the best birthday party we have ever had for any of our 3 children. You and your staff are wonderful people and very knowledgable and great with the kids. Thank you so much and I will recommend you to everyone.

Thank You,
Samantha C

We can paste testimonials here all day, click the link to see how our party event works from a mother who had Crocodile Encounter for her son's event. link You can also check our testimonials page on the sidebar. Still not enough you can look us up on YELP. Bottom line we are the best at providing reptile shows for your birthday party.Give us a call and we will make your event successful!

Tired of the same old birthday party? Need a great Birthday party idea? Looking for a fresh, exciting, and fun birthday party idea? Are your adult guests tired of clowns and uninspired by inflatable bounce cubes? Petting zoos boring your crowd ten minutes after the bunny bounces out? Then you are ready for Houston's largest wildlife event! Your just a phone call away from bringing the zoo to you! Turtle birthday parties, lizard birthday parties, snake birthday parties, giant tortoises, alligators, and of course....

..... the real king of the jungle, THE NILE CROCODILE, in your home(or ours) making YOUR event WILD!

Let your child be a Crocodile Hunter at their Crocodile Encounter birthday party and have your event stand out from the rest.

Bring CROCODILES to your event! Make it something your child and their guests will never forget.

1. Certified Texas educators design each and every show. They also present the majority of the time.Trust the information and delivery that only experience with 1000's of students can give you.

2. Texas Zoological permit holder and USDA license holder. The same as the public zoos in Texas. No other Texas wildlife show can say the same. Our committment to education is highlighted by our facility which exceeds state standards. Our writing and work with reptiles can be seen in two published books and numerous articles in various publications. You can trust the educational background offered at your event. You can also visit our crocodilie zoo yourself.

3. We enjoy what we do. It's not a job to us. It's fun. We do hundreds of shows each year in the Houston area.

4. Fully insured. Why bring an animal show of any type to your home without making sure they are fully insured. We have the coverage to give you peace of mind.

If you are looking for the ultimate birthday party, Snake birthday party? Turtle birthday party? reptile birthday party? Crocodile birthday party? Look no further! Crocodile Encounter has been performing hundreds of birthday party events in the Houston area for years and our show gets better every year! Live animal birthday shows are an important part of our educational outreach programs and are fun for all ages.

There is no age limit! Whether you are young or old, Crocodile Encounter will amaze you with the incredible reptiles we bring to your event. The birthday party program is focused on having an absolute blast! Crocodile Encounter and their reptile friends will make the day super special for the birthday person and allow them to touch and experience each and every reptile. Not only is it fun, but it is very educational!

Each Crocodile Encounter typically includes a variety of species representing each of the four primary reptile groups from around the world: lizards, snakes, turtles and tortoises, and the magnificent alligators and crocodiles. Our show animal number usually totals around 10 and will last 40-55 minutes depending on crowd size and party layout. The show centers on the animals but what your really paying for is our top flight animal edutainment show. Anyone can bring animals to your party but Crocodile Encounter's presentation sets us apart. Every reptile we bring out has been raised around people and is a completely trusted and beautiful animal. Have the coolest birthday party this year with the cold blooded animals of Crocodile Encounter.

Important party information

1. We recommend that your birthday party starts at least 30 minutes before your Crocodile Encounter begins. This allows the "fashionably late" people to arrive and settle in. It is important that your Crocodile Encounter show starts on time. Typically Crocodile Encounter will intentionally arrive 15 minutes after you tell us to allow for late guests. This has proved an effective way to prevent people from missing part of the show. Of course if you want us there at a designated time that is perfectly fine as well. Do to intense demand for our show we arrange our weekend show schedule in two hour blocks based on the first show scheduled for that day. Any other day of the week we have more flexibility. We try to accommodate every birthday child as their day only occurs once a year and this schedule ensures we can travel anywhere in the Houston area and maintain schedule integrity.

2. The food should be served after the reptile birthday party, in order to ensure cleanliness. We ask that the kids are not snacking during the program. Children who are eating during the show will not be permitted to touch the animals.

3. It takes only a few minutes to set up for a Crocodile Encounter birthday party and we can perform in most indoor rooms, such as a living or dining room or outside if the weather is appropriate. The animals are generally not messy but like children accidents can happen although it is a rarity with our primary show animals. We ask that if you are having an outdoor party you have a shady area designated for the show animals.

4. Reptile Birthday party pricing is determined based on your location from Crocodile Encounters base facility in Angleton Texas. We have a base price that is competitive with other similar wildlife shows in the state of Texas despite the fact that our show is the largest in the state. For pricing please see the Croccatalog. To read more about how we determine our price structure read our FAQ.

5. We ask that you please be respectful of our schedule. It is highly likely that we will be performing other events on the day yours is scheduled and we structure our travel around your schedule. We want to ensure all of our clients are satisfied with our educational shows. As such please attempt to adhere to your chosen time as much as possible so we can extend the same courtesy to all our clients. If your party is starting at 4 have us arrive at 4:30. We only need a few minutes to set up and then we are into the show.

6. Onsite birthday parties are scheduled in two hour blocks. The first 1hr to 1:15 will be our croc show. We endeavor to leave 45 minutes for your personal party. You are more than welcome to bring the cake, food, etc. We have a courtyard designated for your party. No food or drink is allowed on the boardwalk at any time as we have to protect the animals from debris.

7. Book your event as early as possible.Typically our booking runs about one month in advance although we have planners who may schedule as far as six months in advance of their event and others who call the week(or on occasion day) before. Like anything else more advance notice gives you the option of securing your preferred date and not having to flex your event around what is already on our calender. We do an increasing number of shows annually and the schedule gets loaded pretty quickly. At the time of booking you will be asked for your CC number to secure your spot. Your CC is not charged unless that is the method of payment you prefer. The CC just holds your spot and acts as your deposit. In the event of a cancellation you will be charged a fee as we will bypass other bookings while you are on our calendar.

Thank you for your interest in Houston's premier animal event Crocodile Encounter. We look forward to making your child's special crocodile birthday party an incredible experience and one they will always remember!There birthday comes but once a year and we never forget that fact. Please email or call with any additional questions, or to schedule your birthday party with Crocodile Encounter

Birthday bash photo session

For both onsite and offsite events. The photo session is complimentary to the event presentation and ensures that all guests who wish to have their photo taken with an alligator or crocodile have the opportunity to do so. We bring along extra animals for the photographs as it reduces show animal stress and the working animals need their rest! At alligator parks throughout America the typical alligator photo is $25 per shot, we offer a one cost nominal fee wholesale opportunity for everyone at your event to have a special keepsake moment with these fantastic animals. Please let us know prior to your party if you would like this additional feature at your event.

Purchase animal craft frames for your party by clicking here.

We are the most diverse educational wildlife show in the Houston area. Why spend your hard earned money on inferior shows. You'll appreciate the difference in child interest and control while your child enjoys the diversity of the reptile world. Crocodile Encounter is a show you'll want to see year after year. Give Crocodile Encounter birthday parties a try, we look forward to seeing you soon.

We are the most diverse educational wildlife show in the Houston area. Why spend your hard earned money on inferior shows. You'll appreciate the difference in child interest and control while your child enjoys the diversity of the reptile world. Crocodile Encounter is a show you'll want to see year after year. Give Crocodile Encounter birthday parties a try, we look forward to seeing you soon.

How to make your party great!- a tried and true method

When people call us they want to know about booking, the animals, how a typical events goes, etc but often they are also looking for a great memorable party with good structure for the children at the event. Crocodile Encounter offers the following suggestion that we have seen work many, many times. Prior to our arrival have the kids do a crocodile related craft. It is our suggestion that they create crocodile or reptile picture frames. We arrive and present our animal show. At the conclusion of the show we have the guests have their picture taken with a photo alligator. The guests go and do the cake/gift portion of the party at which time Dad or a family friend is printing the pictures of the guests with the animal. After eating the guests put the pictures in the frames they made previously and take them home as a memento. Total time approximately 2 hours. It's orderly, fun, and memorable. If you need great party items for your Crocodile Encounter birthday party we have uncovered this website. They seem to carry virtually everything you will need to make your party with us complete.

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